Answers to your questions

Do you ship internationally?
Of course! It is the “world wide” web, after all :)
When will I get my stuff?
It usually takes about 10 days from when we receive your order until it’s ready to ship, then a few days for it to wing its way around the world to your door.
Can other people print my photos?
No. You are the only one allowed to view or print your photos.
Do you store my photos permanently?
No. We only keep the files until your order has been printed.
Can I follow you guys on Instagram?
Of course! For news and updates on new products, follow @instagoodies, or if you want to stalk us see photos we’ve shot, follow @alexrubin and @danrubin.
What in the Sam Hill is an Instagram?
Why, it’s just the coolest way to snap and share photos on your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device! Find out more at

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1" square stickers—the perfect way to show off your Instagrams!